Fundamentals of Investing

Fundamentals of Investing.


Total duration: 3 weeks
Time: three times a week, on weekdays from 19:00 to 22:00
Place: Russian-Armenian University
Language: Russian / Armenian / English
Certificate at the end of the course: in Russian and English
* The conclusion of the contract and payment are made before the start of classes


Goals and objectives of the course:

   The purpose of the course is to give a systematic understanding of the foundations governing investment activities, methods for assessing the financial condition of enterprises, modern financial and economic concepts that determine decisions on investments in various financial instruments.

   Formation of students' understanding of investment categories, risks, comparison, individual investment policy, analysis of debt securities, the specifics of complex financial instruments in the form of convertible and derivative securities.

   In accordance with the set goal, the objective of the course is to show and teach students to evaluate securities with a detailed algorithm of fundamental analysis and the most practical techniques of analysis, to make investment decisions.

The target audience:

  1. Students with higher education who need knowledge and skills in the field of investment management and investment asset valuation.
  2. Finance staff and project managers.
  3. Middle and senior managers of commercial and financial organizations who need to improve their knowledge and skills in the field of ensuring effective management and assessment of financial flows.
  4. Students planning their further careers in the field of financial management.

Course Description:

   The purpose of studying this academic discipline is to master the basic special knowledge, ideas, abilities and skills necessary to understand the aspects of investment activity, the role of investment in a market economy, strategy and achievement of investment goals.

When studying the course, lectures are used, the study of practical cases in order to provide the applied aspect of this course.