Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program of Russian-Armenian University (RAU)



Program duration: 12 months
Schedule: 3 times a week, not working hours (19:00-22:00)
Number of disciplines: 15
Language: Russian / Armenian
Program cost: 1 200 000 AMD
Administrative fee: 50 000 AMD
Payment can be made in 3, 4, 12 stages
Diploma: Business Schools of the Russian-Armenian University (RAU)
Minimum number of students in a group: 6


 Program presentation


Administrative requirements:

  • Higher education / Work experience of at least 2 years
  • Successful interview
  • 4th year students are given the opportunity to enroll in the program, in parallel with their studies. A certificate from the administration of the corresponding university is required.

List of required documents:

  • Application
  • CV
  • A copy of the diploma / A copy of the working-book / For students - a certificate from the administration
  • Copy of passport and copy of social card


List of disciplines

Economics for Entrepreneurs

Accounting in Business

Financial Management

Sales Management

Investment Basics

Statistycal Analysis in Business


Project Management

Strategic Management

Commercial Law

Crisis Management

Human Resource Management

Customer Relationship Management

Communication and negotiation skills

Complex Marketing (traditional to digital)