SBS MBA program

 SBS MBA program


Bert Wolfs, Ph.D, Academic Dean' Welcome Speech

"Business has changed. Radically so. We exist in a business environment of limitless borders, breakneck technological innovation, incredibly smart and socially collaborative customers, enhanced security concerns, increasingly complex government regulations, and economic uncertainty. In addition, as a current or future leader in a complex world, you want to engage your employees, positively surprise your customers, restore and sustain the environment, and lead with integrity. It won’t take two generations, we can and will re-invent the world in this generation!

Now is a great time for you to prepare, re-tool, and aggressively launch forward. The SBS MBA will equip you for tomorrow’s business opportunities while keeping you grounded in today’s business reality. Our program is IACBE accredited, cutting-edge, and well-respected in the Zurich region and across the globe. Our curriculum is designed to develop leaders for the current and emerging business environment. Faculty dynamically conduct class sessions that are responsive to current business situations. The students in the program know that when they graduate they will have a new knowledge base and set of skills that make them attractive to employers. Our students know that now is the time to take command of their careers.

Face it. You are busy. You have work obligations, family commitments, and a life to live. We understand that. That’s why our program provides the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. Our MBA fits your life; not the other way around.

Wishing you much success with a great future!"


About Swiss Business School 

The Swiss Business School SBS was founded in 1998 in Zurich.

The mission of the Swiss Business School SBS is to provide students with access to a fundamental heritage in various fields of study and help them become world-class professionals on the one hand and responsible citizens on the other.

SBS is accredited, certified and members of the following globally recognized organizations:


ACBSP is the leading specialized accreditation association for business education that maintains excellence in teaching


IACBE is a specialized accreditation body for business programs of colleges and universities  


CHEA - Council for Higher Education Accreditation


EDUQUA - Swiss Certificate of Quality Assurance in Higher Education


AACSB is an organization whose mission is to improve the quality of the management of the educational process around the world through accreditation and leadership mechanisms.


CEEMAN - International Association for Management Development in Central and Eastern Europe

The Swiss Federation of Private Schools (SFPS) - The Swiss Federation of Private Schools includes some of the most significant and oldest schools in the country. Each SFPS school and college offers a personalized service and is innovative and focused on your educational goals.


The trademark of Swiss label is the crossbow - a protected symbol in Switzerland. Certification is granted to members with genuine Swiss high-quality services and products.


Duration: 17 months
Language: English
Specialization: Entrepreneurship *
Schedule: 3 times a week, in the evening
Diploma: Diploma of the Swiss Business School SBS (Zurich)
Minimum number of students in a group: 20
Tuition fees for RA residents **: 5 400 000 AMD
Tuition fees for non-residents of RA **: 7 800 000 AMD
Entry fee: 62 000 AMD

*In addition to the compulsory ten disciplines, five disciplines are established taking into account the requirements of the group.
** Payment can be made in 3 stages (before each semester)


Administrative requirements:

  • Bachelors degree
  • Fluency in English: TOEFL IBT minimum 90 or IELTS minimum 6.5 points
  • Minimum work experience: two years
  • Successful interview


List of required documents:

  • Completed application
  • CV
  • A copy of the diploma with an insert and European application (if any)
  • Copy of the passport
  • Four photographs (3x4)




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