Economics for Entrepreneurs

Economics for entrepreneurs


Course Description:

     The purpose of the course is to form the fundamentals of economic thinking among students, to give knowledge of basic economic concepts and models, which will help them in solving specific problems at both the micro and macro levels. The study of the discipline will also allow students to develop skills in micro- and macroeconomic analysis, equip them with methods of assessment and effective management techniques in a complex and constantly changing market environment.


Target audience:

  • Students with higher education or students who wish to gain additional knowledge in economics.
  • Managers of various companies, private entrepreneurs of small or medium-sized businesses.
  • Anyone who wants to learn something new in the field of economics.


Master class is held by PhD, Professor E. M. Sandoyan
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Duration: 30 academic hours
Price: 75 000 AMD *
Location: Russian-Armenian University
Language: Russian / Armenian
Certificate at the end of the course: in Russian and English
Registration: Online