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Russian-Armenian University was established following the inter-state agreement between the Republic of Armenia and Russian Federation in 1997. During the relatively short time of its existence, RAU has become a leading educational and scientific center in Armenia, proving to be an excellent model of integration in education.
Attracting ethnic Armenian prospective students from all over the region, the University fulfills the role of a significant repatriation center in the country. Around 30% of students admitted to RAU each year are young people from CIS countries: Russia (which stands for the largest Armenian Diaspora), Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries. RAU is widely recognized for its prominent activity in the regional educational and scientific environment and it continues to expand its work internationally. The University’s growing international network provides students and lecturers with various opportunities for mobility. At RAU, we have long identified scientific research as our priority. Students of all levels are encouraged to embark on scientific explorations and participate in research conferences. Professors and postgraduate students conduct activities geared towards solving fundamental issues of modern science, their research interests varying from Natural and Computer Sciences to Social Sciences and Humanities:
RAU Business School was formally established as a separate unit in 2008. Business School is a dynamically evolving, licensed educational institution in the field of business education. The Business School offers academic postgraduate as well as professional business training and development programs.
BS provides innovation-oriented business education and adheres to the best international standards in business education. The professors and teaching staff of the Business School are local and regional experts in their respective fields with both theoretical and practical knowledge and experience. During last three years Business School has established partner relations with several esteemed and world known institutions such as: University of Glasgow (Scotland); SBS Swiss Business School (Switzerland); Stockholm School of Economy (Riga branch); ISET (Georgia); Central European University (Slovakia); International University (Vienna); and many others in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and more than 40 biggest universities in Russia.
Business School of Russian-Armenian University made it to list of Best Business Schools among 1000 institutions in 154 countries according to the independent global ranking agency Eduniversal*.RAU Business School was awarded 2 Palmes of Excellence out of the 5 leagues. The School mapped its way to success due to its strong regional influence and significant international ties.
*Headquartered in Paris, Eduniversal is a global ranking and rating agency specializing in higher education. The company has developed strong expertise in evaluating academic institutions and programs at first in France and then internationally since 2007.