NewsProfessional course: Communication and Negotiation Skills
Professional course: Communication and Negotiation Skills
Start date: May 08
End date: May 24
Fee: 75 000 AMD
Duration:  30 academic hours
Classes: Tuesday, Thursday from 19:00 to 22:00, on Saturday from 16: 00 to 20: 30
Place: Russian-Armenian University
Language: Russian
Certificate: In Russian and in English
Negotiation is a communication management process, where parties attempt to convert each other to their goals and short- or long term interests through compromise, moderating bargaining positions to search for super ordinate goals. Negotiation means that the various people or group involved recognize they cannot simply impose their will or eliminate the other side, but rather must work with each other to achieve their goals. Successful negotiations lead to a restructuring of the relationship and deal with fundamental substantive procedural concerns. Negotiation becomes possible when the needs and interests of all those involved and affected by the conflict are legitimated and articulated. This process happens more often through confrontation and advocacy that emerge from and awareness of the basic needs and interests. Negotiation process involves exchanging of verbal and nonverbal messages, various communication tactics, profiling and goes through several levels and by several stages.
This course is designed to develop knowledge and skills in the field of negotiations, to introduce the psychological aspects of negotiations and to develop various aspects of negotiations as well as to give practical skills on psychological approaches in negotiations to the students.
Target audience
  1. Specialists in the field of management, PR, sales, media, negotiations and all other fields, related to communication with people, willing to obtain additional knowledge and skills.
  2. CEOs and other top level management representatives willing to get additional communication and negotiation skills and to advance their communication with employees to improve their work results as inside the company, as well as outside of it. 
  3. People of various backgrounds, willing to improve their communication and negotiation skills and willing to get better results and further success in their respective fields of activities.
Registration: Online